Do you know which stores to go to when the Cyber Monday deals bells ring?

One of the issues giving shoppers a headache is finding a store to shop on Cyber Monday. Given that all deals happen online, it becomes a hard task for shoppers who have never used online or virtual platforms. If you are one of them, this article is for you. But before discussing the retails taking part in the offers, what is unique about Cyber Monday?

Well, Cyber Monday is a D-day where massive shopping takes place online. Instead of walking to stores to do their shopping, people sit behind their laptops or PC, log on to online stores, and start filling their carts.

Best Cyber Monday Online Stores

What if you do not have a laptop or a PC, does it mean you cannot do your shopping?

The truth is: if you have a device that is internet-enabled, you got the opportunity to take part in these exclusive online shopping offers.

With this information, now you know what the offer is all about. Here are the stores to go to when the cyber Monday deals whistle is blown:

  • Travelocity

Cyber monday discounts on hotel bookings

Are you planning to take a vacation during the upcoming festive season? If the answer is yes, Travelocity is here for you. On Cyber Monday, you can make your booking and enjoy a stress-free vacation at a lower cost. During the day, Travelocity offers 50% discount on all hotel bookings.

Also, if you want to take your family or peers with you if your expenses exceed $300 you will get an additional 17% discount. As such, you do not have an excuse to enjoy your winter vacation in the stress-free scenery.

  • UGG Australia

Cyber Monday deals AND discountS

If you are a designer boot lover, but you can’t afford their high prices; you got a chance to meet your desire on Cyber Monday. UGG Australia will be offering designer boot at a slashed price on this day. In fact, the store is expected to offer the shoes at a discount of 30%+.

Besides, if you got a coupon code, you will earn an extra discount of 20%. Also, you do not have to worry about how your purchases will reach you. The store will be offering free shipping on all purchases. Hence, if designer boots are your choice, you should not miss out on the Cyber Monday deals of 2017.

  • Levi’s

Buy quality jeans on Cyber Monday

Almost every person feels good wearing quality jeans. However, due to high prices, affording them is like climbing a mountain with a wheelbarrow. Fortunately, you have an opportunity to buy quality jeans at a slashed and affordable price. On Cyber Monday, Levi’s a leading jeans store will be offering you a 40%+ discount on all jeans.

Also, the store recognizes that most people love wearing jeans with a T-shirt. For this reason, the store is expected to offer T-shirts at 60% discount as it has been doing on previous cyber Mondays. You will also get free shipping on all your purchases.

  • Target

Electronics on Cyber Monday

If you have been planning to replace your current electronics on this year’s Cyber Monday, Target is the store to consider. The store is likely to offer 15% or more coupon discounts on electronics, toys, and televisions.   Hence, you can reward your kid with a cute toy at a reduced price on this cyber Monday D-day.

Final thoughts

With the above store to choose from, you do not have a reason to miss out on Cyber Monday deals on November 27, 2017. Award yourself with UGG Australia designer boot, Levi’s T-shirt and jeans. Also, get a new TV set and surprise your kid with a new toy.


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